A New Look
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Thursday, June 16, 2016
By Kristin Adams Pet Photography

Okay, so I've been waiting to do my 2nd blog post until I have all the goods to announce my new logo, complete with a new website and printed materials. It's been said that you need to be consistent with blogs, and I could've written one in the meantime but it's time consuming being a mom, photographer, and part-time retouch artist and assistant. Every day is different, but most days go something like this:

Wake up and get ready

Wake the baby and get her ready

Feed the baby

Start a task

Feed myself

Play with the baby

Start a second task

Change the baby

Go back to the first task

Tend to the baby

Take Emma for a walk with the baby

Feed baby a snack

Read to the baby

Get baby to take a nap

Work furiously on to-do list while baby is sleeping, getting distracted by little things that are actually big things like updating my invoice template with the new logo.

Change the baby

Feed the baby

Play with the baby

Start second task over

Take baby out to play

Do laundry...maybe tomorrow

Feed the baby snacks

Try to clean up the aftermath of the tornado that is our child, furiously before the hubby gets home

Tend to the baby

Finish the first task when daddy gets home

Feed the baby dinner

Bath time for the baby

Three books and then bed time for the baby

Eat dinner

Contemplate working and then have a glass of wine and watch educational photography videos online

Hmm, maybe it even sounds as exhausting as it is.  But enough about my day, how was yours?? 

Back from my tangent...I heard somewhere before I became a mother, that your outlook on life changes after you have a baby.  Weirdly enough, I found that my outlook on my logo changed.  I have been in business since April of 2008 and I have LOVED my logo since the day I designed it.  But after my daughter was born, I found myself looking at it and not feeling the happiness and sense of pride it brought me before.  

In February of last year, I met Kristi King and photographed her spunky little Scottish Terrier, Hank Williams.  When I went to her house for her planning consultation, I fell in love with her and her unique style.  She reminded me so much of my husband that I ended up bringing him with me when I delivered her order.  Kristi is a graphic designer and it is her I have to thank for my amazing new look.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, KRISTI - I LOVE YOU!!

So here it is, the new logo and look.  And check out the website (www.kristin-adams.com) as it has gotten a makeover as well. 

Prices have been updated too and a new product is available: The Framed Gallery Piece.  This includes one professionally printed Classic portrait finished with an archival double mat and a simple 1½” black frame and glass.  A beautiful and classic way to display your favorite portrait!

Bonus items are now available as well.  These are fabulous gifts at different levels of investment. 

I have a couple of new sessions to share with you in addition to my classic session:

  • Watch Me Grow is for puppies and kittens, to capture that first year of growth and fun.  It includes three sessions in the first year of life.  The first at around 9 to 12 weeks, the second around 6 months, and the third at one year.
  • The Golden Years is for older and terminally ill pets. This is a shorter session and includes either Classic 11x14 or a printable digital file.  The session can take place in the studio or at a more comfortable or memorable place of your choosing.

Please contact me for more information.  I hope you love the new logo and website as much as I do!  I promise to post more often and work on consistency.