Celebrating Eddie
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Tuesday, February 07, 2017
By Kristin Adams

I have been photographing more and more senior dogs over the past few years and with them comes the inevitable. My heart breaks each time I hear of their passing and honestly makes me a bit wary when I get in touch after the session, terrified of sad news. With the heartbreak, I feel some comfort in knowing I was able to capture them in time, which is not always the case. I adore meeting and working with these aged souls and delight in seeing how loved they are. As one client recently wrote: no matter how long they live, it's never long enough. So true.

Earlier this year I received a beautiful email from a past client that brought me to tears. I was so touched by her words that I felt I should share them. It encompasses everything I strive to be for my clients and makes me love what I do even more.

Eddie came to me when he was 12 years old. A beautiful and sweet Blue Heeler mix that shined like a star in his session. Thank you, Emily, for bringing him to me. I am so happy he enjoyed his time with me, because I loved every second of being with him!

You took many incredible pictures of my sweet 12 year old dog Eddie in early 2015. I loved every single one, but narrowed it down to several that captured his personality and "looks."  Eddie had terrible arthritis, and much like your sweet Chino, struggled to get up, walk or hold himself up.  With much heartache, I had him put to sleep (surrounded by much love) on this past New Year's eve.


You were so sweet and kind to us!!!  At the time, Eddie was a little stiff and nervous on slippery floors, could get anxious or restless in new places, and was a distracted piggy when treats came out.  I was worried he’d be too high maintenance for you. You were kind enough to meet a week before the shoot so he could sniff around.  I was put at ease and Eddie instantly warmed up to you.  At our session, he followed you, explored the room, and was so happy and carefree.  He had more fun that night than in the whole year prior - Eddie was in love with you!!!!  


When I saw the photos online I was floored!  Your artistic talents blended so well with your caring heart.  Nothing short of magic!  I have cherished the photos you took and sing your praises to anyone who will listen.  I have loved looking at them every day (even with Eddie sitting 5 feet away from the wall).  At the time, I didn’t want to be in the photos, but you took a few while I was just sitting with him. You perfectly captured the loving bond between us and I am forever grateful.


Now that Eddie is gone, those photos are the glue that holds my broken heart together.  I am so thankful that I met you and invested in these portraits. It seems like such a small cost for all of the joy they bring.  My only wish is that I had met you when he was a puppy and had photos taken yearly to capture all of his phases and stages.  One day I will get another dog, and that is exactly what I will do!


I hope you and your sweet family are doing well.  Words cannot express my gratitude to you for creating such sweet memories for me.


With much love,